Easy Thanksgiving Decor Ideas That will Stun Your Guests

Happy thanksgiving everyone !!!

Inviting our family and friends come over to celebrating thanksgiving need an effort, not only on dishes but you’ll also need to decorate your home or setting up your table. Here’s some of ideas that you may like. It’s simple, took few minutes to hour and you can also ask your kids to involve to have fun by making it with them.

Turkey Veggie Tray- Kid Friendly


- 1 red capsicum look for one with three bumps on the bottom
- 1 bag sugar peas
- 2 cocktail cucumbers
- 1 bag baby carrots
- 2 black peppercorns
- Your favourite veggie’s dip


1.Grab a round platter.
2.Wash clean all the veggies, dry it with kitchen paper.
3.Cut thinly slice the cucumber and set aside.
4. Slice the bottom off of the capsicum and set aside. Discard the stem and seeds, and then slice the rest of the capsicum into sticks.
5.Place a small glass bowl at the bottom end of a round platter.
6.Arrange the sugar peas all around the outer edge of the platter.
7.Arrange capsicum sticks around the platter, slightly overlapping the inside ends of the sugar peas.
8.Arrange baby carrots around the platter and slightly overlapping the inside ends of the capsicum.
9.Arrange slices of cucumber in a pile in the center of carrots.
10.Fill the bowl with your favourite dipper, and then place the capsicum end that we cut (no.3) on top of the dip upside down (see pic for reference)
11.Cut the ends off of the baby carrot, and then cut triangle out of one end and place it in the center of the capsicum for a beak.
12.Place the black peppercorns above the baby carrot for the eyes.
13.Slice another baby carrot in half lengthwise and carve into legs with fee6t. place them on top of the dip at the bottom of the bowl.
14.Cover and put in the refrigerator if not for serving within the next hour.


- You can use whatever veggies you and your kids like to eat.  Plus it’s great way to get them to eat veggies.
- Choose the veggie that can lay flat. It will make you easier to assemble the turkey tray.
- Pick many different color of the veggies. The different colors make the veggie turkey tray more impressive.  This inspired by Food.com

Washi Tape Pinecone Turkey


- Pinecones
- Washi tape (pick different patterns)
- Scissors
- Hot glue gun
- Popsicle sticks
- X-acto knife
- Red felt
- Yellow felt
- Small googly eyes


1.Use X-acto to cut 4 popsicles sticks in half
2.Place a popsicles half on exactly side of the washi tape and then press firmly.
3.Use the X-acto knife to cut around the popsicle stick.
4.Repeat the remaining popsicle stick halves so that they are covered with washi tape.
5.Cut a small triangle of yellow felt for a beak and red gobble
6.Hot glue 2 googly eyes onto one end of the pinecone. Fold the yellow felt beak triangle in half and glue to pinecone. And then glue on the gobble over the beak. Then hot glue the washi tape popsicle sticks into the middle of the pinecone. Finally you’ll have a cute little washi tape pinecone turkey.

Ombre Pinecone


- Pinecones
- An old toothbrush
- Angled paint brush
- Acrylic paint in three or four different shade of the same color


1.Use the old toothbrush to clean off any dirt or bugs in the pinecones. I recommended you to do this outdoor.
2.Take your paint brush and apply the first shade on to ¼ of the pinecone. I recommended you starting with the darkest shade at the bottom of the pinecone. This will make your ombre pinecones look more beautiful. Work you way up.
3.Continue painting the next shade to the next ¼ of the pinecone.
4.Repeat the step 3 with the rest of the shades until you reach the top.
5.Continue other pinecone with the same steps. And you will have a fabulous ombre pinecones !!


If the pinecones aren’t fully open and there’s no sunshine, you can try to put them in the oven at a moderately low temp and they should bloom as they fully dry. Make sure you put pinecones on aluminium foil before you put them in oven. This method is much faster and it also kills the bugs inside them.


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