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Skip the holiday shopping craze and go with these DIY gifts housed. Super easy and they’re cheap, pretty and will save you last minute shopping carnage. So put your DIY skill to test with these.

Hot Cocoa Jar

Who doesn’t love hot chocolate? This hot cocoa jar is perfect gift for anyone. It’s super easy to make and very cheap. So basically you’ll need is a clean jar/mason jar that you have in hands, some bunch of hot chocolate, you can get 2 different kind of chocolate to make nice layer but absolutely you can just use one kind of chocolate will do too, some little marshmallow, some mini candy cane to add up in their drink if they like and can add little bit of color, some fabric for you to put it on top of your jar, hot glue gun, scissors, chalkboard label.

So it’s easy to make it. You would start by putting some bunch of chocolate in the clean jar, adding the little marshmallow and mini candy cane. And then with the fabric, you need to cut it little bit larger than the mouth of the jar. Put on top of the jar and close it. Basically this fabric is to make it more tight when you close the lid and add up some nice affect too. You can add 2 candy cane on the top of the lid, make a heart shape and glue it with hot glue. Use the chalkboard label to write a message or you can also use it for personalize who you are giving the gift to. Easy, affordable and enjoy!

Rudolph Reindeer Envelope

Giving someone, friend or family a card or gift card you’ll need the envelope. You can add personal touch to your gift by making a nice envelope yourself. Rudolph reindeer envelope is super cute and easy to make it and also it’s perfect for the holiday season. The materials you needed is definitely cheap too. You’ll need a brown paper, black or white or any color you prefer to make the envelope, a brown paper craft for making the antlers, googly eyes, red pom-pom for the nose, glue stick and hot glue gun as well and scissor.

They are super easy to make it. Draw antlers in the brown paper, cut it out and put aside. Make the envelope and then start placing the different item on, use the glue stick to glue the googly eyes and the antlers of the reindeer. And then glue on red pom-pom for the nose with hot glue. Then you’ll have an adorable Rudolph envelope to pack your handmade greeting card or gift card. Enjoy and happy crafting!

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