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Time is moving fast and Christmas will be here no time. Make these adorable, charming and romantic Christmas ornaments, perfect to decorate your own house or to give as a gift to everyone you love!

Cinnamon Stick Candle


1)Cinnamon sticks
2)Candles (any favour)
3)Hot glue gun


• Use the hot glue to attach the sticks to the candle (If your sticks didn’t stick or you afraid the hot glue may melted to the candle, you can use an elastic by setting the cinnamon sticks inside the elastic and cover the elastic with ribbon).

• Continue the process around to the rest of the candle.

• You can also tie a ribbon around it to make it more beautiful. Quick and easy to make these cinnamon stick Christmas candle will add a darling look to your home, give cozy and warm vibes. And it fills the house with pleasant scent too!

Tin Cans Luminaries

Materials you needed:

1)3 tin cans
2)Metal hole punch
3)Spray paint
4)Votive candles


• If you are using recycling tin cans, make sure you take out the label, wash them clean inside out and dry them.

• Place your tin cans upside down and then spray paint and let them dry for 10-15minutes. Do it outside is recommended and wear your mask if you needed

• Write any words you want and start by tracing one letter in each can or you can also use a monogram or even draw a design, to make a guide so you know where you punch your holes.

• Next take the tin cans and put the beginning of the pattern under the metal hole punch and then make your first cut.

• Continue punching the holes all along the punching pattern lines.

• After all done, you’d just need to put votive candle inside of every luminari and then light them up and you will see how beautiful your luminaries are, especially when you light them in the night.

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