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Christmas is going to be upon us soon !!! Ready with your décor ? or are you still looking for decorations ideas ? Spruce up your home for the season with these decorative homemade holiday ideas.

Christmas Tree Mason Jar Votive


1.Mason Jars
2.Red chalky paint
3.Green chalky paint
4.Paint brush
5.Epsom salt
6.Christmas tree Stickers

How to:

•Stick the Christmas tree sticker to the smooth sided mason jar. Use a credit card to seal edges tightly before painting. This will help reduce any paint bleeding through the sticker.
•Paint the surface all over it’s jar. Try to use paint which is dries quickly. You may find it in any craft store. For your information even though using acrylic paint is matte finish it also will caused streakier especially once you add the candle in. And using enamel or multi-surface paint barely too shiny or too transparent.
•Once it dries remove the stickers and add some Epsom salt and tea light in the mason jar. (instead of Epsom salt you can also use white rice or yellow popcorn. Anything which work well to make the candle stand). And enjoy!

**The best part to make the jars or any craft is bringing a group of your kids, friends or even family together. You will exchange jars and all leave with a keepsake of special time. HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU AND ALL YOUR FAMILY.

Snowman Lights


1.Ping pong balls (x2 per snowman)
2.Craft knife
3.Ribbon (20cm x 1 cm)
4.LED string lights
5.Wiggly eyes
6.Super glue

How to:

•Take a ping pong ball. And then make a small cut to deflate the ball.
•Take the other ball  and force it into the deflated ball at the point of the cut till a concave surface is formed.
•Apply super glue on the rim. And then attach the other ball firmly on the rim. Wait for a few minutes until the ball is fixed.
•Tie the ribbon on the joint of the balls. And stick the wiggle eyes on the snowman using the super glue.
•Turn the snowman around. And make 2 crossed cuts, like about 0.5 cm length. Please becareful when you are handling the craft knife. You may perform the cut on bench.
•Repeat the works above till you have many snowman you wish to have.
•Insert one LED light into each cut. Only insert the light part.
•Test in the dark. And enjoy.

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