Cheap and Easy Christmas Ornaments |Ideas for the Holidays

Welcome the season of gifting. It’s also a great time to start your simple and affordable Christmas decorations. For more fun, you can do it with your kids, family or even your friends. Here’s some ideas that some of the projects take less than an hour.

Gum Balls Machine

Materials needed:

1.Clear Christmas bulb
2.Small pot
3.Hot glue
4.Red Spray paint (you can use any color you like)


-Spray paint your small pot and the top of the clear Christmas bulb, set aside to let it completely dry.
-Turn the pot upside down and then use hot glue to attach the glass to the top of the pot
-Fill the machine with the gumball or candy and enjoy! (you may like to tie ribbon on between the machine and pot to make it more cute)

Christmas Yarn Wreath

Materials you need:

1.Mason jar lid
2.Yarn/strands (anything you like)
3.Hot glue
4.Red ribbon
5.Berries and garland


-Start taking some hot glue, put dot in the bottom of the mason jar lid on the inside and then take whatever kind of strands/yarn that you have or you like and start wrap around until it completely covering on the entire of the mason jar. When your yarn is already on all the way round use another dot of hot glue and then you need to press the yarn down and leave little bit opening so you can use to hang it on the tree and then tie a red ribbon on the top of the wreath.

-Then its time to decorate, use some of the gold and red berries and attach it by using the hot glue in the wreath (note: you can decorate however you like)

-Last but not least wrap a garland along the way around the wreath to get nice pooped color. And enjoy!!

-And your yarn wreath is ready to display!

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