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Holiday is here !!! it’s time to décor your home. Here’s some creepy spooky decorations ideas to help you having Halloween spirit. And trust me it’s on budget !!!

Mummy Pillow


•Square shape pillow
•Hot Glue gun
•White bandage or white cloth
•Safety Pin

How To

Use hot   glue gun to stick the eyes in the middle of the pillow. And then attach the cloth in the back of the pillow and begin to wrap around to give it mummy affect. I recommended you using the white cloth is much better to save your budget. Because real bandage is quite expensive. You may give it few tries to get the perfect looks that exactly how you like, but once you finish you need to secure it at the back. And you’ll have super awesome mummy pillow.

Super Spiders Glittery 


•Thick spiders
•Glue tape
•Any Different  color Spray coat paint

How to

Attach the glue tape in the end of the pencil to attach the spider and then spray some of your favourite coat paint and then while the paint is still wet slowly sprinkle some glitters on top. And continue until you have many different color of spidders. And some perfect glittery spiders are ready for Halloween.

Blood Dripper Candles


•White Candles
•Red candles

How To

Just begin with lighting the red candle and letting some wax smell. And then carefully let the wax drip off the red candle on to the edge of the white candle. Be super careful because the hot wax may burn yourself. And then just continues dripping all around the candle. Make 3 or 4 or as many as you needed. And then you’ll left those awesome effects of the blood dripping on the side of the white candle.

Creepy Cheesecloth Ghost 


•Large Doll
•Fabric Stiffener

How To

Start with the doll, wrap the cheesecloth over the large doll. Tag the fabric around the arms and legs to get form. And then spray the stiffener on to the cheesecloth, if the cheesecloth wet it will start to wrinkle open more up to the doll’s body. Give it the thick even coat. You may need to do this outside your house because it may make your room sticky. After it finished leave it overnight to dry. After it dries gently peel away the cheesecloth from the doll, and set them in the step for spooky Halloween and for sure it will make your guesses scare.

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