Recycled CD’s Wall Decor

Without spending big money, make life easier but yet you can decorate your wall with a cute art that you may not imaging by just using recycled CD’s. Here’s is the ideas and how to.

Materials :
1.Old Cd’s or Dvd’s
2.Hot glue gun
3.Spray paint
4.Sharp scissors
5.Bamboo or wood Skewers
6.Ruler & pencil

How to :
Use the ruler and pencil to draw a line on CD and then use the hot glue gun to stick the bamboo skewers on it’s lines. Be careful when you are using the hot glue gun. Incase you can’t access hot glue gun, you can use any glue. It will just take longer to dry and won’t be as secure as it would have with a hot glue.

After you finish sticking the bamboo skewers in the marks, spray the paint. Wear mask if it necessary.

The next, take another CD and draw a circle, use the sharp scissors and cut gently around the traced area. Make sure your circles are not too small. Because it will make you difficult to cut and you also don’t want to break them while you are cutting it. Don’t waste the leftover cutter CD’s because you can make use of it later.

Put some hot glue around the center, and stick a CD on it. And then start working on decorating the bamboo skewers with the cutting circle that you’ve made. Use hot glue and stick the circle on one by one. Once again, be careful when you are working with the hot glue.

Continue stick the circle around. After it’s all done, you can start to use the unwanted CD’s that you cut just now. Use hot glue to stick it on the center, arrange nicely so that looks more artistic.

Add layer by layer and don’t forget to put some hot glue on every layer before you adding the cutter CD’s. You can cut free shapes if it’s no enough and add more into it. You’ll get surprise how beautiful it turned.

And now you can just hang it on the wall where you wanted to hang. There is a circular hole on the back of the CD. It makes you easy to hang it on the wall. You may also need a nail if your wall haven’t got.

You can also make sunburst wall hanging. What you’ll need to do is almost the same as the above but you’ll need other materials too like white stone and white pearls for the decorations.

Have fun and be creative !!!

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