How to Easily Hang Temporary Fabric Wallpaper

When you are renting a house/room, you may see an ugly and boring room. And most rental agreements prohibit the use of paint and many will not even allow you to hang anything on the walls. It’s not a big deal, because there is a solution to this common decorating. DIY fabric wallpaper. This work is cheap, easy, temporary and the process won’t remove and damaging the original paint and it’s completely removable too. Create your own beautiful removable wallpaper with these steps below.

Materials :
1.Fabric wallpaper of your choice
3.Fabric iquid starch
4.Paint brush
5.Rolling brush
6.Paint tray
7.Razor blade / utility knife

Step one :
Before purchasing your fabric, measure out the space you’re going to be covering to determine just how much fabric you’ll need. Most fabric is 40”-50” wide and is sold in yards. After measure and deciding what you’ll need, buy an extra yard. (The extra fabric will allow for any trimming required).

Step two :
Start pinning the fabric onto the wall using the thumbtacks and make sure that the edges are safe and clear so you didn’t have one edge is too short and the other is too long. Be sure to leave overlap at the corners, baseboard and top of the wall for nice clean finish.You’ll trim the excess at the very end with utility knife. After the fabric open up on the wall, pour the starch in to a paint tray.

Apply starch from wall corner way down in and out using paint brush and then continue using the roller. The rolling brush works well, because it applies more starch to largest areas. You don’t be afraid of putting a lot starch onto the wall because you’ll need this a lot for this process. Make sure the starch goes all the way through to the wall evenly. To ensure it get in to the corners use your fingers or a piece of cardboard if necessary.

Step three :
After your wall fully coat with starch begin to sweep up all the bubbles with your hands. Start from the top and work your way down, smoothing out the bubbles or wrinkles as you go. Just continue to repeat this process until your whole walls is cover up with fabric.

Step Four  :
Once the fabric is completely dry and stiff, use the razor blade or utility knife straightly cut any excess fabric. After that slowly peel off.

Helpful tips :
•Thicker material is recommended.
•To remove fabric from the wall, apply hot water to it with sponge or towel. The fabric will easily peel off the wall, and won’t bring any pre-existing finish underneath off with it.
•If the fabric started to peel off and you still want it to be there, just touch it up with starch.
•Be sure fabric is completely dry before trimming any of the overlap. Once the fabric is stiff, it    will cut easily, ensuring clean lines and good fit.
•If you’re choosing the design fabric, make sure the pattern transitions nicely from one panel to another

Hope it help !!!

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