How to Clean Black Mould on Walls and Ceilings

We all face mould issues in home that very irritating and annoying. The appearance of black mould in the living room, bathroom corners or washing machine and all dump places in the house. Besides it’s damage the look of your home, it also very harmful for the health of you and your family members.

How to Remove Black Mould

Although bleach is great solution for tackling mould removal, use it on drywall or wood surfaces isn’t recommended. There are a variety of natural alternatives you can use to remove mould with a green replacement such as hot water, baking soda and vinegar.

Safety is very important when removing black mould. Most importantly is make sure ventilate your room, wear your protecting gloves/googles, use face mask to avoid breathing in fume and test your cleaning products on small area first.

With safety ensured you’re ready to choose your weapon in the battle against black mould. Please ensure the cleaning products if you’re going to buy. Choose the best product for your need. Certain  products cannot be used on particular surfaces. And also, when you choose to mix cleaning products too.

Remove any items from the areas that you’re going to clean. Test on small surface first before you apply the cleaning products. When it’s safe, apply and leave for few minutes to allow the product to work on. Rinse thoroughly and wipe off with clean cloth.

If you removing the mould in the bathroom, using an old brush is recommended. Dipped in bleach based cleaning solution to scrub those hard to reach areas.

Solutions that you can try :

1.Hot water and baking soda
One teaspoon of washing liquid, one cup of baking soda and few drops of lavender or citrus oil for fragrant. Add water and mix until the solution become viscous paste.

Use white distilled vinegar, transfer to a spray bottle before you use it to remove the mould.

Please pay attention when you’re using toxic products. Ensure no foods or drinks are near and keep children and pets out of the room.
Hope it help !!

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