Super Spooky Halloween Décorations |BestDiy

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Holiday is here !!! it’s time to décor your home. Here’s some creepy spooky decorations ideas to help you having Halloween spirit. And trust me it’s on budget !!!

Mummy Pillow


•Square shape pillow
•Hot Glue gun
•White bandage or white cloth
•Safety Pin

How To

Use hot   glue gun to stick the eyes in the middle of the pillow. And then attach the cloth in the back of the pillow and begin to wrap around to give it mummy affect. I recommended you using the white cloth is much better to save your budget. Because real bandage is quite expensive. You may give it few tries to get the perfect looks that exactly how you like, but once you finish you need to secure it at the back. And you’ll have super awesome mummy pillow.

Super Spiders Glittery 


•Thick spiders
•Glue tape
•Any Different  color Spray coat paint

How to

Attach the glue tape in the end of the pencil to attach the spider and then spray some of your favourite coat paint and then while the paint is still wet slowly sprinkle some glitters on top. And continue until you have many different color of spidders. And some perfect glittery spiders are ready for Halloween.

Blood Dripper Candles


•White Candles
•Red candles

How To

Just begin with lighting the red candle and letting some wax smell. And then carefully let the wax drip off the red candle on to the edge of the white candle. Be super careful because the hot wax may burn yourself. And then just continues dripping all around the candle. Make 3 or 4 or as many as you needed. And then you’ll left those awesome effects of the blood dripping on the side of the white candle.

Creepy Cheesecloth Ghost 


•Large Doll
•Fabric Stiffener

How To

Start with the doll, wrap the cheesecloth over the large doll. Tag the fabric around the arms and legs to get form. And then spray the stiffener on to the cheesecloth, if the cheesecloth wet it will start to wrinkle open more up to the doll’s body. Give it the thick even coat. You may need to do this outside your house because it may make your room sticky. After it finished leave it overnight to dry. After it dries gently peel away the cheesecloth from the doll, and set them in the step for spooky Halloween and for sure it will make your guesses scare.

Easy Grout Bathtub Cleaning |BestDiy Tips

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There are millions of recipes or tips out there for homemade grout cleaner and now there’s many cleaning products too but you want an effective one that wasn’t hard to make and won’t empty your pocket. Here’s is the tip with just two ingredients, and it worked very well.

Homemade Grout Cleaner

30 minutes for doing stuff
15 minutes for waiting
45 minutes for total project


An old toothbrush or scrub
Safety glasses
Mask / respirator


3/4 C baking soda
1/4 C bleach


Mix the baking soda and bleach together in a bowl until it forms a thick paste. Apply the paste to the dirty grout lines and let it stand for 30 minutes. After 10-15 minutes, scrubs it with the old toothbrush to really work the cleaner deeper into the grout. The bleach will do most of the work just sitting there. Wait another 15 minutes and then rinse the cleaner off. If you don’t have a handheld shower head, use a damp cloth and rinse it out often as you wipe the cleaner away. In order to impress yourself with how sparkling white your grout is, wait a few hours until it dries because grout sometimes turn darker when it’s wet.


Make sure you wear your gloves to protect your hands from irritation.
Open the window or on the fan or wear the mask for the fumes.
Wear your safety glasses to protect your eyes from irritation.
You’re using bleach. Make sure you are wearing old clothes or something you don’t care about. Because even you’re very careful, it may splatter

How to Easily Hang Temporary Fabric Wallpaper

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When you are renting a house/room, you may see an ugly and boring room. And most rental agreements prohibit the use of paint and many will not even allow you to hang anything on the walls. It’s not a big deal, because there is a solution to this common decorating. DIY fabric wallpaper. This work is cheap, easy, temporary and the process won’t remove and damaging the original paint and it’s completely removable too. Create your own beautiful removable wallpaper with these steps below.

Materials :
1.Fabric wallpaper of your choice
3.Fabric iquid starch
4.Paint brush
5.Rolling brush
6.Paint tray
7.Razor blade / utility knife

Step one :
Before purchasing your fabric, measure out the space you’re going to be covering to determine just how much fabric you’ll need. Most fabric is 40”-50” wide and is sold in yards. After measure and deciding what you’ll need, buy an extra yard. (The extra fabric will allow for any trimming required).

Step two :
Start pinning the fabric onto the wall using the thumbtacks and make sure that the edges are safe and clear so you didn’t have one edge is too short and the other is too long. Be sure to leave overlap at the corners, baseboard and top of the wall for nice clean finish.You’ll trim the excess at the very end with utility knife. After the fabric open up on the wall, pour the starch in to a paint tray.

Apply starch from wall corner way down in and out using paint brush and then continue using the roller. The rolling brush works well, because it applies more starch to largest areas. You don’t be afraid of putting a lot starch onto the wall because you’ll need this a lot for this process. Make sure the starch goes all the way through to the wall evenly. To ensure it get in to the corners use your fingers or a piece of cardboard if necessary.

Step three :
After your wall fully coat with starch begin to sweep up all the bubbles with your hands. Start from the top and work your way down, smoothing out the bubbles or wrinkles as you go. Just continue to repeat this process until your whole walls is cover up with fabric.

Step Four  :
Once the fabric is completely dry and stiff, use the razor blade or utility knife straightly cut any excess fabric. After that slowly peel off.

Helpful tips :
•Thicker material is recommended.
•To remove fabric from the wall, apply hot water to it with sponge or towel. The fabric will easily peel off the wall, and won’t bring any pre-existing finish underneath off with it.
•If the fabric started to peel off and you still want it to be there, just touch it up with starch.
•Be sure fabric is completely dry before trimming any of the overlap. Once the fabric is stiff, it    will cut easily, ensuring clean lines and good fit.
•If you’re choosing the design fabric, make sure the pattern transitions nicely from one panel to another

Hope it help !!!

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Recycled CD’s Wall Decor

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Without spending big money, make life easier but yet you can decorate your wall with a cute art that you may not imaging by just using recycled CD’s. Here’s is the ideas and how to.

Materials :
1.Old Cd’s or Dvd’s
2.Hot glue gun
3.Spray paint
4.Sharp scissors
5.Bamboo or wood Skewers
6.Ruler & pencil

How to :
Use the ruler and pencil to draw a line on CD and then use the hot glue gun to stick the bamboo skewers on it’s lines. Be careful when you are using the hot glue gun. Incase you can’t access hot glue gun, you can use any glue. It will just take longer to dry and won’t be as secure as it would have with a hot glue.

After you finish sticking the bamboo skewers in the marks, spray the paint. Wear mask if it necessary.

The next, take another CD and draw a circle, use the sharp scissors and cut gently around the traced area. Make sure your circles are not too small. Because it will make you difficult to cut and you also don’t want to break them while you are cutting it. Don’t waste the leftover cutter CD’s because you can make use of it later.

Put some hot glue around the center, and stick a CD on it. And then start working on decorating the bamboo skewers with the cutting circle that you’ve made. Use hot glue and stick the circle on one by one. Once again, be careful when you are working with the hot glue.

Continue stick the circle around. After it’s all done, you can start to use the unwanted CD’s that you cut just now. Use hot glue to stick it on the center, arrange nicely so that looks more artistic.

Add layer by layer and don’t forget to put some hot glue on every layer before you adding the cutter CD’s. You can cut free shapes if it’s no enough and add more into it. You’ll get surprise how beautiful it turned.

And now you can just hang it on the wall where you wanted to hang. There is a circular hole on the back of the CD. It makes you easy to hang it on the wall. You may also need a nail if your wall haven’t got.

You can also make sunburst wall hanging. What you’ll need to do is almost the same as the above but you’ll need other materials too like white stone and white pearls for the decorations.

Have fun and be creative !!!

How to Clean Black Mould on Walls and Ceilings

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We all face mould issues in home that very irritating and annoying. The appearance of black mould in the living room, bathroom corners or washing machine and all dump places in the house. Besides it’s damage the look of your home, it also very harmful for the health of you and your family members.

How to Remove Black Mould

Although bleach is great solution for tackling mould removal, use it on drywall or wood surfaces isn’t recommended. There are a variety of natural alternatives you can use to remove mould with a green replacement such as hot water, baking soda and vinegar.

Safety is very important when removing black mould. Most importantly is make sure ventilate your room, wear your protecting gloves/googles, use face mask to avoid breathing in fume and test your cleaning products on small area first.

With safety ensured you’re ready to choose your weapon in the battle against black mould. Please ensure the cleaning products if you’re going to buy. Choose the best product for your need. Certain  products cannot be used on particular surfaces. And also, when you choose to mix cleaning products too.

Remove any items from the areas that you’re going to clean. Test on small surface first before you apply the cleaning products. When it’s safe, apply and leave for few minutes to allow the product to work on. Rinse thoroughly and wipe off with clean cloth.

If you removing the mould in the bathroom, using an old brush is recommended. Dipped in bleach based cleaning solution to scrub those hard to reach areas.

Solutions that you can try :

1.Hot water and baking soda
One teaspoon of washing liquid, one cup of baking soda and few drops of lavender or citrus oil for fragrant. Add water and mix until the solution become viscous paste.

Use white distilled vinegar, transfer to a spray bottle before you use it to remove the mould.

Please pay attention when you’re using toxic products. Ensure no foods or drinks are near and keep children and pets out of the room.
Hope it help !!