Wooden Chevron Bench DIY | Design

Building a chevron bench isn’t a hard project. You’ll be surprised at how easy peasy this chevron bench Brazilian modern style complete in just few hours.

What you’ll need :
1.Two planks 2x4 @ 97 inches long
2.Five planks 1x4 @ 96 inches long
3.One plank 1x20 @ 96 inches long
4.3 inches wood screws
5.Tape measure
6.C clamp
7.Saw blade and circular saw
8.Sanding sponge
9.Pre-stain wood conditioner
10.Polyshades stain
13.Pencil or pen
15.Cordless drill
16.Steel square
17.Cordless nailer
18.Speed square
19.1 ¼ inches finishing nails

Step one :
Build the base for your chevron bench into rectangle shape. Cut 2x4 planks into 2 48” pieces and cut 2x4 into 1 45” and cut 2x4 into 2 14”. And then pre-drill some holes so you can put your wood screws. After it done, put in the wood screws. Drill on all sides. When all screws are in then you need to the stringer center piece. You’ll need to make sure it’s center, get your measuring tape to measure the center and then tap your plank down by using the hammer. Measure one more time to accuracy. Make sure it’s even the both sides. Pre-drill the holes and add the wood screws.

Step two :
Measure and draw line directly in the center of each 2x4 and mark them by small dots in the planks to build the seat. Cut 24 pieces from 2x4. To start it, measure and find the middle and mark it, after it done line up the plank to the center piece. Double check your work, make sure the two dots are matching up and then continue add another plank flush with the first piece. Double check again using the speed square. Make sure those two dots are matching up. Use the nail gun the secure the planks. Remember to wear your googles for your safety.

And then continue with the rest of the planks. Add wood glue as you go, line the plank to continue the pattern and nail it. The dots that you made help you where the nail goes.  Follow the dots down the center of the planks until it finish. Once it done adding the planks, add 2 addition at the top to complete it.

Step three :
To cut off all the extra woods, use the C clamp to fasten it down. Wear your googles and gloves for your safety. Saw on all sides of the edges using the saw blade, leave 1 inch lip. Fill in the left over spaces with the extra wood scraps. Fill in the holes like it’s puzzle.

Step four :
To add the legs, cut 1x2 into 2 8” long pieces, line the plank up and pre-drill to make hole finally drill in the wood screws. Do the same for the other side too.

Step five :
Apply  the pre-condition wood before you stain the bench, it help you soak up the stain so you get dark Brazilian modern look. After all applied, let it dry.

Step six :
Stain your bench, use the brush for oil-based stain. Try to slowly and enjoy staining your bench so you’ll get nice long, thin coats. Let it dry and apply another coat and then let it dry again and when everything dries you can style your Brazilian chevron bench in your style.

Isn’t it easy and doesn’t take a long time to do so !!
Hopefully it helpful and you can enjoy making the Brazilian chevron bench !!

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