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Repairing a single-handle kitchen faucet with spray hose requires you to diagnose what is exactly wrong with its unit first. It’s fairly common for a single-handle kitchen faucet to leak at some point, especially considering all the use such a device gets. But you don’t need to pay a professional in order to fix issues that come up in your kitchen. Follow these simple steps and the repair will be accomplished in just few minutes.

First of all, what you need is a groove pliers and new gasket O-ring. And what you need to do is pull the hose up and consider the gasket is tight enough because if it loosened the water will automatically leaks, once you on the water.

To make it tight basically you just need to get the pliers and tighten it up.

If it still leaking then it must be the gasket inside, you have to take a look at that. Use the pliers to open the gasket, but make sure you off the water. After you open it, you’ll see if the gasket has tearing it off. Or you may see if there’s any debris in it. The debris caused the water flows not as hard as it should be, because the debris blocking it. If it so, clean that up, replace the spring and gasket with the new one. Put it them back in there, stick the hose and then screw by the hand and tighten it up with the pliers. On the water to test if it leaks. If it all set but the water pressure is low, you’ll need to check the aerator maybe there’s debris in there.

Get your pliers, the aerator is right inside underneath your spray hose head. Use the pliers to unscrew the spray hose and take out the aerator, rinse out all the sand and debris. Vinegar does a good job too for cleaning lime off plumbing screens and spray parts. CLR helps you up too. After it cleans, put everything back on. Make sure the gasket and everything, because you don’t want to lose them. Tighten back up with the pliers, and on the water. You’ll see water coming through and you have a good flow in the faucet.

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