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Most newer homes are constructed with range hood already built in over the stove, but for an older home that might not have one or even it has, it’s doesn’t do enough to ventilate your kitchen, you can install kitchen exhaust fan yourself. Here’s the steps to install exhaust fan in your kitchen.

Things you might need to buy : 
1.Exhaust fan
2.Non-metallic 14-2 sheathed electrical wire
3.Wire connection

Tools :
1.Drill / driver
3.Wire cutter
4.Reciprocating saw
5.Utility knife
6.Stud finder

Step One :
First you need to find an empty bay to install the fan. Locate an open space in the drywall using the stud finder and mark it. Or use fish tape to find the structure by drilling a hole.

Step Two :
Draw an outline of the circular exhaust housing using the pencil. And then to remove the lathe, use reciprocating saw. Cut any insulation that may potentially block the exhaust. And then trace an outline of the dimensions of the square exhaust housing in the outside and use the utility knife to remove the siding. Trace an outline of the circular exhaust within the square dimensions and remove sheathing with the reciprocating saw.

Step Three :
Screw the outer square exhaust housing to the structure using screws from the kit and a drill. Locate an electrical source with constant power. And then connect non-metallic 14-2 sheathed electrical wire connectors.

Step Four :
Place the circular housing in the hole, pull wire through, and make connections to the electrical box. And then place your fan into the housing and plug it into the electrical box. Insert the fan cover using the cap screw.

Step Five :
In the kitchen, connect necessary wiring to the fan. Attach the front grill and when you finished, turn the power on to test your setup.

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