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Seashells are such inexpensive way to add color and texture to your décor. They can be easily turned into beautiful decor for your table. Just collect it from the beach or get a box of seashells from the store and have fun making your own craft. Here’s the great idea to décor your table with seashells.

Material :
1.Some difference sizes of seashells
2.Your favourite an exotic plant that you can pick from your backyard
3.Some green leaves
4.Cylinder container
6.Some soil dirt
7.Glue gun

How to :
Pour the soil dirt inside the container little by little. You are going to create like a natural arrangement. After that grabs some of the seashells and place them in the soil inside the container. Arrange the seashell so it looks nice.

And then place the small seashells in the small container, so you have a combination of the two vases. Use some of the green leaves to wrap the pot of the plant and glue with the glue gun. Don’t forget to put your glue stick before you using the glue gun. After the pot all covered with the green leaves, put it in the hole of the container. Adjust the pot until sturdy and look nice. And then use the remaining leaves, fold into half circle and place them in the little vase. After all done, you can put the exotic arrangement wherever place you want in your house.

Enjoy !!!

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