How to Clean Window Tracks | Maintenance Windows

Window tracks is easy to collect dirt and it makes difficult to open the windows and even harder to shut them. But it’s easy to clean it too. With a couple of non-tonic household items you can clean your window tracks in no time.

The materials you need is a vacuum, paper towel, vinegar, baking soda, old toothbrush, rag, a cup, warm water, and dry spray lubricant.

The first thing you need to do is to vacuum out the dirt or debris that is on the window tracks. It’s to avoid the tracks from scratches. And then take amount of baking soda, break up any little crumbs and dash it an even layer in the window tracks. Use the cup to pour the vinegar on it.

You can do that as many time as you need to. It’s just going to bubble up and kicking out the dirt. And then use the old toothbrush to scrub it on the surface. Rinse with the water and dry thoroughly with the paper towel and buff with clean towel.

Finally use the dry spray lubricant to lubricate the window tracks. Simply shake the can and spray on all over the tracks. And you have clean window tracks that lubricated and protected.

Tips :
-Be sure to clean the tracks on both sides of the window.
-Clean your window tracks every few months with toothbrush. The brush will loosen stubborn dirt  deposits, and then you can use to vacuum.
-Try to avoid oily lubricants because they attract dirt and dust.

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