HOW To Clean Antique Furniture

If you want to clean up antique furniture and you don’t want to get damage, clean it gently. Dust it and polish regularly to maintain the furniture. Choose a mild cleaner that safe your antique. You can use a mild dish soap that diluted in a water because soap that you use  for dishwasher is more acidic.

Alternatively you can use little stronger cleaner for tough grime, like murphy’s oil. And remember to use small amount. Or other option is furniture paste wax. Use soft cloth and your chosen cleaner and then rub the surface gently. Move the rag/ cloth in the direction of the grain of the wood.

Some areas may have some stubborn stains or grime. To remove this you can try using steel wool. Make sure to rub gently to avoid damage. Keep rubbing until the unwanted dirt and debris is gone.

For the un-reached areas like corners or curves you can use unwanted toothbrush. Dip the toothbrush in your cleaning  solution scrub down gently until the dirt and grime is gone. And finally use dry rag to wipe. Before you continuing with the cleaning process, allow the furniture to air dry a bit. To get the nice look and glow, add layer of polish after the furniture is dry. Simply get a clean dry cloth and buff the furniture until it glows.

Some people are using beeswax as it has many anti-aging properties that can help preserve the natural look.

To maintain your antique furniture dust your furniture regularly. Keep out your antique furniture from direct sunlight because UV light will damage the furniture easily. So do not leave your antique outside.

* Remember to always test on the small amount on a tiny hidden area first to make sure it won’t harm your antiques !!

* I suggest you if you have pricey or a collector’s item talk a local antiques dealer and ask for an advice or tips or hire a professional to clean it, don’t do on your own !!

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