How to Brighten Up a Dark Couch | Couches and Living Room Design

Living room is where you and your family will spend a large of amount of your time. In this issue designing your living room is very important. Especially when you own a dark leather couch. Because most people would choose the dark colour to avoid the dirt, especially when you have kids. They’ll easily spills something on it. But dark couch will make you feel dark too.

Here’s some tips that may help you brighten up the living room. So it will bring you brightness, elegance and freshness into your day.

You’ll need to get coloured pillows to brighten it up a bit. You can pick different pattern pillows for your sofa too. Brightly coloured abstract painting would help too. Find a colourful rag if your wall is already white. This option besides hide the stains, it also adds the same brightness. Because if you thought of getting the white rug, it will leave you cringing. Those elements go a long way in the lightening the overall feel.

Hope it will help !!

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