How to Place Art Over a Family Room | Design Tips

Decorating a family room that will help you create a beautiful, warm, breezy comfy and much more relaxing with your art is very easy.

Here’s the tips for you. These tips will ensure that the art you going to place over your sofa or bed or any other furniture will always look great. Try to put your art 68 inches over the sofa because if floating it doesn’t look nice, so use the guide 68 inches over the furniture.

The other tip is you need to have the width of your art piece is about 2/3 of the width of the furniture is over. For instance if your sofa is 72 inches long the art over should be 48 inches wide. So that the skills are really over on propositions. If it not done well can over power the space. So use your 2/3 guide for your width. And make sure the frame are always matches of the art of it’s framing.

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