Say Goodbye to Unclog Shower Drain - How to Unclog a Shower Drain

It’s the worst feeling when you were in the middle of a hot shower and suddenly the water not going down the drain like its supposed to be. And when you are panic, it’s often you lost your mind. Don’t know what you need to do. But there is a way to fix clogged drains straightaway.

Learning how to unclog a shower drain is very doable. Taking care of clogs promptly is the best action when considering the health and long-term quality of your plumbing fixtures. And standing water can be a prime for bacteria growth, mildew and even bugs. And the most important is, no one ever likes seeing standing water. Because it’s so dirty and yuck !!!

Here how to unclog it :

First remove blockage that can be safely grabbed with your hands. Don’t forget wear your gloves. If the water a lot and after you clean the blockage still can’t eliminating the water, grab a plunger and then place the opening of the plunger fully around the drain creating a seal. Make sure the drain is all covered, otherwise it won’t allow the proper air movement. With both hands, push and pull. Both direction will help the process. Remove the plunger and test the drain. Repeat if it necessary. You can also boil a water and slowly pour it down to the clogged drain as far as it goes.

Secondly you can use a smart DIY of baking soda and vinegar that most likely hanging out somewhere in your pantry. Simple, just dust the baking soda into the open drain and allow to sit for few minutes. And then slowly pour vinegar down the drain, enjoying the fizziness that occurs when baking soda meets vinegar. Hopefully it will loosen all up for a final flush. Pour the very hot water down to the drain to remove the sitting vinegar. Repeats if it necessary.

Most people might just pour a gallon of boiling water down to the drain. This occasional chore helps loosen any hair or gunk clogging the main pathway and pushes it down.

Just make sure to clean your shower drain daily. Remove any hair from the drain after you shower. This keeps your drain sparkling and squeaky-clean.

Note: Seek professional if it failed.

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