How To Make A Swing From an Old Skateboard

Wanted to share an idea how to make a comfortable swing made from an old recycle skateboard deck. An awesome design that suitable for children and adults.

Suppliers :
1.Recycle an Old Skateboard Deck
  Make sure you have a strong deck that can hold your weight.
2.½“ Diameter Rope
  You can use 50‘ of ½“ diameter polypropylene rope or use it as needed.
3.Carabiniers and Rope Clamps
Use the hardware to make the attachment point for hanging the swing.
4.1¼ Diameter Dowel
  This Dowel is used to make handles that keep ropes from getting tangled.
5.Minwax Polypropylene Spray
  Minwax polypropylene spray is used to seal the wooden handles.

Tools :
1.18 volt Cordless Drill
2.18 volt Circular Saw ( with plywood blade)

Step :
1.Drill holes in the skateboard deck
Measure in 1½“ from the edge of the skateboard and mark it as the center for drilling ½ diameter holes.
2.Mark, drill, and cut them handles
Use the holes in  skateboard to mark the drill location on the dowel then drill and cut the handles for the swing. Make sure the length of the handles equals to the width of the board.
3.Sand and spray
Sand down the dowel handles and then to seal them spray with a coat of polythene.
4.Cut the rope
Cut the rope into two equal length pieces. Pay attention on it, to make sure it is equal.
5.Make a loop
Use the clamps to make a loop in the center of each piece
6.String and knot the rope
 the ends through the holes in the handles and tie a loose knot behind them and then run the ends through the skateboard and tie a knot behind it. Try to keep the knots loose so that you can adjust it easily later.
7.Hang and adjust the swing
Hang the swing to sturdy support and level the board and handles by adjusting the knots. When its in the right place, tighten it and you are ready to rock !!!

Please make sure the utilise ropes and hardware are appropriate for structural applications and that appropriate knots are secure to all parts of the swing.
Enjoy !!

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