How to Clean Cork Floors

Protecting cork floor is part of knowing how to clean it. Place a doormat outside, make sure it don’t have any rubber bottoms as it can trap moisture. Rattan or any other material with no backing are the best. But like all floors it requires periodic cleaning and sealing. Here we share how to clean cork floors.

Alike like hardwood and laminate floors, sweep and vacuum your floor daily. Because dirt and debris can scratch the floor. As it can damage the finish, please try to use a brush attachment not a beater bar attachment. Mix a mild cleaning solution of five drops of liquid dish detergent and one gallon or 3.79L of warm water. Avoid ammonia-based product or abrasive cleaners and stronger solution as it can caused streaking.

Use a soft mop to spread the cleaner. Wring out the mop after each dip in the water. Too much water can damage the floor by seeping between the tiles and making the tiles swell. It may separate and leave gaps between the tiles after it dry. Damp a dry mop to excess water. Because excess water will encourage mould to grow. Clean up spills immediately, as cork is porous and will soak up liquids quickly, staining the surface.

Allow the floor to air dry. Wipe the floor with soft and dry cloth to remove excess moisture, when you finished mopping.

For tough stains, scrub with a fine grain steel wood pad. Note down that the most important part of knowing how to clean a cork floor is NOT USING TOO MUCH WATER. As it will ruin your floor no steam cleaner is suggested, it may put too much water on the floor.

You’ll need to reseal your cork floors in every several years. Protecting from scratching and dirt you can use polyurethane. You’ll need to reapply wax once or twice a year. Make sure to remove older coats of wax before resealing. You can buff it off with mineral spirits. DO NOT USE PASTE WAX.

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