Creative Planters Made From an Old Junk

Sometimes we keeps our junk and we don’t know what we can do with it. Until out of space. Here’s some ideas of upcycled creative planters that are very easy.

Upcycled Baby Food Jar

Trust me that you won’t regret of keeping your old food jars in your kitchen. It will be very usefull and you will love the way and it look afterward.

You can use your jars for a vase, planter, candle holder, or even a combination. You can hang it outside or inside according to your preference. You can even change the size. Super easy to personalize to fit your needs and space limitations.

Get your jar and wash it clean. You can paint the jar with your favourite color or you can use marker/pens/glitter to draw, decor the jar however you love to. Ribbon can make your jar more pretty too.

So now you have made this little beauty, and it’s time for you to have a fun filling the jars. There’s many options, you can fill anything in it. Flowers for instance, cut some geraniums and flowers from your yard and placed them in water on the top. If you willing to plant it, geraniums are great to put in the jars filled with water because the cutting root in water. Once they grown some roots, you can plant them in the jars on the bottom in soil. Once they grow even bigger you can transfer to the bigger pots or bigger containers and placed them back to your yard.

It’s a great idea too to make tea light candles. You just need to fill the jars with the candles you like. This will be a great decoration for backyard barbecue or evening fire with your friends or family or even for little ambiance in your home.

There are so many things that you can do with this, just be creative and save those adorable baby food jars!!

Recycled Cans

Next to plastic, food cans are one of the top things that make us wonder what else can be done with them. Start saving them for crafty and useful project.

Clean, peel the labels off, spray paint, organize and glue together old cans into interesting shapes for art. Turn tin cans into wall art for instance, after cleaned up arrange to make an abstract shape glue them together with super glue, let it dry and then stick it on a wall with some screws through the bottom of the wall anchors.

Use for pencil holder, bathroom storage, office storage, remote holder, make up brush holder, or any other storage. After cleaned, spray paints cans or use of scrapbook paper, cut and glue on the cans, label for sharp dull, pencil, crayon etc.

Doesn’t it cute and fabulous, you’ll never look at tin cans the same way again!

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