Gift Wrapping Ideas | Creative and Fun Ways to Wrap a Christmas Present

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Welcome the season of gifting. Have you started your holiday shopping yet? It’s the season of give gifting, means also time to wrap up those gifts. Add a special touch to your present with these easy and creative ways of wrapping ideas. These technique is easy and classy this holiday season.

Initial Ornaments Wrapping

What you’ll need is just a wrapping paper, present, tape, glittery paper, pencil, scissors and hot glue gun. Start by wrapping your present. Draw a letter that you want on the back of the glittery paper or you can just print out and then start to cut out the letter and finally glue to the front of the gift. You can also tie a ribbon on it. These pretty ornaments dazzle on their own and have a nice personalize touch.

Ball Ornaments String Wrapping

What you’ll need is a present that already wrapped by wrapping paper, some of the ornaments that you like, string, glittery ribbon and scissors. You can start with stringing the ornaments and put aside for later use. Next wrap around the present using the glittery ribbon with any bow you like. And once you have your ribbon tight, go ahead and tie the ornaments bundle to the center of the bow. Cut the end of the string to make it even in length. To personalize your gift tag, add small letter sticker to the ball ornament.


First thing you’ll need is some black craft paper and some white paint marker. And the only step you’ll need is just wrap the present with black craft paper and then draw right onto the black craft paper. You can draw any design you want. You can also write some message as well. Make many different design ideas. Tie some ribbon to make it more nice touch, cute and artistic. Do whatever you want and have fun with it. These packages will look great underneath your tree.

Paint Splatter Gift Wrap

Make yourself a paint mixture by using half acrylic paint and half water, mix it together until it looks like melted ice cream. You can add more paint or water depending on how it’s mixing. The consistency shouldn’t be too watery but also shouldn’t be so thick. Saturate your brush with the paint and simply flick your brush onto the paper. If you want to make longer splatter you just need to flick it closer to the base of the paint brush. There’s no right and wrong way of doing this but if you want to have fun, you can pretend like you’re an orchestra conductor. You can make any color you like. You can mix the color as well to make it more interesting. Make sure you put unwanted newspaper down underneath because it will get everywhere. You can add your twine or even favorite ribbon.

Christmas Gift Ideas | Creative Ideas

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Skip the holiday shopping craze and go with these DIY gifts housed. Super easy and they’re cheap, pretty and will save you last minute shopping carnage. So put your DIY skill to test with these.

Hot Cocoa Jar

Who doesn’t love hot chocolate? This hot cocoa jar is perfect gift for anyone. It’s super easy to make and very cheap. So basically you’ll need is a clean jar/mason jar that you have in hands, some bunch of hot chocolate, you can get 2 different kind of chocolate to make nice layer but absolutely you can just use one kind of chocolate will do too, some little marshmallow, some mini candy cane to add up in their drink if they like and can add little bit of color, some fabric for you to put it on top of your jar, hot glue gun, scissors, chalkboard label.

So it’s easy to make it. You would start by putting some bunch of chocolate in the clean jar, adding the little marshmallow and mini candy cane. And then with the fabric, you need to cut it little bit larger than the mouth of the jar. Put on top of the jar and close it. Basically this fabric is to make it more tight when you close the lid and add up some nice affect too. You can add 2 candy cane on the top of the lid, make a heart shape and glue it with hot glue. Use the chalkboard label to write a message or you can also use it for personalize who you are giving the gift to. Easy, affordable and enjoy!

Rudolph Reindeer Envelope

Giving someone, friend or family a card or gift card you’ll need the envelope. You can add personal touch to your gift by making a nice envelope yourself. Rudolph reindeer envelope is super cute and easy to make it and also it’s perfect for the holiday season. The materials you needed is definitely cheap too. You’ll need a brown paper, black or white or any color you prefer to make the envelope, a brown paper craft for making the antlers, googly eyes, red pom-pom for the nose, glue stick and hot glue gun as well and scissor.

They are super easy to make it. Draw antlers in the brown paper, cut it out and put aside. Make the envelope and then start placing the different item on, use the glue stick to glue the googly eyes and the antlers of the reindeer. And then glue on red pom-pom for the nose with hot glue. Then you’ll have an adorable Rudolph envelope to pack your handmade greeting card or gift card. Enjoy and happy crafting!

Christmas Decorations |Holidays Decorations Cute, Easy and Cheap

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Time is moving fast and Christmas will be here no time. Make these adorable, charming and romantic Christmas ornaments, perfect to decorate your own house or to give as a gift to everyone you love!

Cinnamon Stick Candle


1)Cinnamon sticks
2)Candles (any favour)
3)Hot glue gun


• Use the hot glue to attach the sticks to the candle (If your sticks didn’t stick or you afraid the hot glue may melted to the candle, you can use an elastic by setting the cinnamon sticks inside the elastic and cover the elastic with ribbon).

• Continue the process around to the rest of the candle.

• You can also tie a ribbon around it to make it more beautiful. Quick and easy to make these cinnamon stick Christmas candle will add a darling look to your home, give cozy and warm vibes. And it fills the house with pleasant scent too!

Tin Cans Luminaries

Materials you needed:

1)3 tin cans
2)Metal hole punch
3)Spray paint
4)Votive candles


• If you are using recycling tin cans, make sure you take out the label, wash them clean inside out and dry them.

• Place your tin cans upside down and then spray paint and let them dry for 10-15minutes. Do it outside is recommended and wear your mask if you needed

• Write any words you want and start by tracing one letter in each can or you can also use a monogram or even draw a design, to make a guide so you know where you punch your holes.

• Next take the tin cans and put the beginning of the pattern under the metal hole punch and then make your first cut.

• Continue punching the holes all along the punching pattern lines.

• After all done, you’d just need to put votive candle inside of every luminari and then light them up and you will see how beautiful your luminaries are, especially when you light them in the night.

Cheap and Easy Christmas Ornaments |Ideas for the Holidays

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Welcome the season of gifting. It’s also a great time to start your simple and affordable Christmas decorations. For more fun, you can do it with your kids, family or even your friends. Here’s some ideas that some of the projects take less than an hour.

Gum Balls Machine

Materials needed:

1.Clear Christmas bulb
2.Small pot
3.Hot glue
4.Red Spray paint (you can use any color you like)


-Spray paint your small pot and the top of the clear Christmas bulb, set aside to let it completely dry.
-Turn the pot upside down and then use hot glue to attach the glass to the top of the pot
-Fill the machine with the gumball or candy and enjoy! (you may like to tie ribbon on between the machine and pot to make it more cute)

Christmas Yarn Wreath

Materials you need:

1.Mason jar lid
2.Yarn/strands (anything you like)
3.Hot glue
4.Red ribbon
5.Berries and garland


-Start taking some hot glue, put dot in the bottom of the mason jar lid on the inside and then take whatever kind of strands/yarn that you have or you like and start wrap around until it completely covering on the entire of the mason jar. When your yarn is already on all the way round use another dot of hot glue and then you need to press the yarn down and leave little bit opening so you can use to hang it on the tree and then tie a red ribbon on the top of the wreath.

-Then its time to decorate, use some of the gold and red berries and attach it by using the hot glue in the wreath (note: you can decorate however you like)

-Last but not least wrap a garland along the way around the wreath to get nice pooped color. And enjoy!!

-And your yarn wreath is ready to display!